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Press Coverage

Please find below a compilation of recent coverage of the REACH campaign and issues around A&E provision in Cheltenham and around the UK.

For the most recent updates, see our twitter feed.

Campaigners ask for ‘transparency’ from hospitals over A&E changes amid “spin” claims (Gloucestershire Echo, 27th November 2013)

Cheltenham A&E to start accepting overnight patients again (Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard, 14th November 2013)

Rethink on ambulance drop offs at Cheltenham A&E” (Gloucestershire Echo, November 6th 2013)

4,000 signatures on petition to reverse Cheltenham A&E downgrade (Gloucestershire Echo, October 31st 2013)

Campaigners look to strengthen bid to overturn downgrade of Cheltenham General Hospital A&E (Gloucestershire Echo Online, October 24th 2013)

Fears ‘ping pong’ transfers between hospitals hits care (Gloucestershire Echo, October 12th 2013)

Patient “ping pong” concerns at Cheltenham General Hospital (Gloucestershire Echo, October 11th 2013)

Campaign launched to save Cheltenham A&E (Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard, August 15th 2013)

Campaigners set up steering group to overturn Cheltenham A&E night-time downgrade (Gloucestershire Echo, Monday August 12th 2013)

NHS bosses reassure public as A&E downgrade at Cheltenham General comes into force (Gloucestershire Echo, July 30th 2013)

Cheltenham A&E downgrade: All overnight ambulances to Gloucester from tonight (Gloucestershire Echo, July 29th 2013)

NHS chiefs vote to downgrade Cheltenham General Hospital A & E (Gloucestershire Echo, July 19th 2013)

Hammer blow for A&E at Cheltenham General Hospital (Gloucestershire Echo, July 18th 2013)

Cheltenham A&E night closure judicial review warning (BBC Gloucestershire, July 18th 2013)

Downgrading Cheltenham’s A&E should be temporary, councillors demand (June 25th 2013)

Patients travelling to Cheltenham General Hospital’s Accident and Emergency department to be redirected to Gloucester Royal Hospital (Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard, June 15th 2013)

A&E unit at Cheltenham General Hospital to be downgraded (BBC Gloucestershire, June 5th 2013)

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