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On this page we will provide links to a wide range of documents of relevance to the downgrading of Cheltenham A&E and the provision of Accident and Emergency services.

Letter to Cllr Steve Lydon – HCOSC 08/01/14 (pdf) from REACH. Contains: “In summary we would like to ask please for close attention from HCOSC to the following:

1. Accurate reporting of 4hr waiting target statistics broken down by hospital location, including those brought in to Cheltenham’s Acute Assessment Unit

2. Precise reporting of divert times for ambulances distinguished by hospital and directions of transfer as well as aggregated statistics

3. Evidence in detail of the collaborative planning and assessments of performance between the Ambulance and Hospitals Trusts

4. The re-written report from the Hospitals Trust be shared openly with the public (including REACH)

And in particular, we would be most appreciate of assurance that HCOSC requires the Trusts to include the information in their reports for the six month review of the service changes due at the end of January”

Letter from Cllr Stephen Lydon – HCOSC 13/11/13 (pdf) in response to REACH. Contains: “The committee was mindful that this service change proposal was clinically led and was put forward in the interests of patient safety; and must be considered within the context of a national shortage of emergency medicine doctors… committee members looked at this matter in-depth, and in the interests of patient safety the committee agreed to support the service change but with qualifications which are: –
⇒ that performance information must be provided to the committee on a monthly basis (including ambulance handover times, patient numbers etc)
⇒ that there are formal reviews after 6 and 12 months to ascertain whether expected outcomes are being achieved
⇒ that the reviews included looking at mortality figures
⇒ that the outcome of these reviews to be received at a committee meeting(s).
The committee is now receiving monitoring reports on this service change at every meeting of the committee. At the committee meeting on 6 November 2013 the committee was clear that the information presented by the GHNHSFT was not sufficiently detailed to help members understand what the impact (positive or negative) is on the patient experience; and did not include the most recent data. Members also felt that these reports were not easily understandable to members of the public and have requested that this report is rewritten and represented to members.”

Letter to Cllr Stephen Lydon – HCOSC 04/11/13 (pdf), contains: “Under Items 9 and 10 of HCOSC’s agenda for next week’s meeting we would be most  grateful if you would consider setting up a Task Force to investigate the triangular relationship between the Hospital’s A&E Departments , the Emergency Ambulance Service and the new 111 service concerning the performance each of these have on the services to patients provided by the other parties”

Moreton in Marsh Business Assoc Letter regarding Cheltenham A&E (MS Word Document), contains: “I am writing on behalf of the Moreton-in-Marsh Business Association to express our concerns about the changes to the accident and emergency services at Cheltenham General Hospital (CGH). We are also expressing our support for the action group REaCH and calling for the restoration of a full, 24-hour A&E services at CGH.”

Letter from Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce to Chairs of all Gloucestershire Parish Councils, 22nd October 2013 (pdf), contains: “The Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce, representing many businesses in Cheltenham, is working with a new Action Group called REACH (Restore Emergency at Cheltenham Hospital) for the restoration of full, 24 hour A&E services at Cheltenham General Hospital (CGH)… We should be most grateful if you would write, within the next 21 days, or as soon as possible thereafter to GCCG [Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group] registering your concern and requesting restoration of full 24-hour A&E service at CGH”

Letter from Leader of Cheltenham Borough Councillor Cllr Steve Jordan to GCCG (pdf)

(This letter contains the following: “At the Council meeting on 24th June the following motion was debated and agreed by 28 votes to 1 with 5 abstentions:-
‘This Council is dismayed at the decision taken by the NHS community in Gloucestershire to permanently divert ambulances overnight between 8pm and 8am from Cheltenham General Hospital to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. We are particularly concerned about the potential for increased mortality rates of patients being taken further across the county for emergency care, alongside the impact on waiting times at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and on ambulance response times. We are also concerned that measures to mitigate access issues for Cheltenham patients being discharged from Gloucester remain uncertain. In the light of the national review of urgent and emergency care, published on 17th June, this Council agrees to write formally to the Board of the Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group to ask that the decision to downgrade Cheltenham A&E should only be temporary…'”

Martin Horwood’s Submission to the public consultation on Cheltenham A&E (pdf), see also “MP: Closing A&E at night will lead to deaths” article in Gloucestershire Echo

Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce – A&E Press Statement 18/07/13 (pdf)
Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce – A&E Letter to The Gloucestershire Echo (pdf)

Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce – – A&E Letter to The Guardian (pdf)

Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce Oppose the Overnight Closure of A&E at Cheltenham General Hospital – Press Statement (pdf)

REACH Letter to Parish Councils (pdf)

Fully Functioning A&E Press Release (pdf)

Nuffield Trust Quality Watch report: “Focus on preventable admissions – Trends in emergency admissions for ambulatory care sensitive
conditions, 2001 to 2013” (pdf)
(see Nursing Times summary article – a £subscription is required: “Between April 2001 and March 2013, NHS hospitals in England received more than 56 million emergency admissions, of which one in five (10.4 million) were potentially avoidable.”