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What is REACH?

The REACH (Restore Emergency At Cheltenham Hospital) campaign was launched by Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce, who are now working with local businesses, local residents and other campaign groups such as 38 Degrees and Stroud Against the Cuts to achieve the following objective:

“To have a fully functioning, fully staffed A&E Department operating 24/7 re-instated at Cheltenham General Hospital, which serves a population of at least 200,000 in Cheltenham, Tewkesbury Borough and the North Cotswolds, at the earliest possible opportunity.”

The focus of the REACH campaign is, as the title suggests, to secure the re-establishment of a full 24/7 Accident and Emergency department at Cheltenham hospital to serve the people of that town and the surrounding districts of Gloucestershire. The campaign is also keeping a watching brief on the related A&E services: the 111 phone line; ambulance provision; and the out of GP hours service. All of these appear to be under pressure and all impact on the quality of response to patients at times of acute needs.

For more information contact a co-ordinator of the REACH campaign via:

Email: Jo@REACHnow.org.uk, or Telephone: 01242 544599

Our Postal Address is:

REACH, c/o Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce
2 Trafalgar Street
GL50 1UH

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